The attraction here for the tourists are snow clad peaks, translucent lakes, barren terrain etc. Hiking in Ladakh India is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the trekking enthusiast in Ladakh Himalaya India. One who are fascinated by the unexplored. The mountain ranges of himalaya Ladakh offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes.

The hub of trekking activities largely involve the mountain ranges where the age-old trade routes converted into great treks. The most prominent among these are:


  • The Kargil-Padum-Darcha route which encompasses a major portion of the ancient trade route between Leh and Zanskar, thence on to a side of the Ladakh- Manali route.
  • Kargil-Padum-Kishtwar . The Kargil-Padum-Kishtwar route which also was the ancient butter trade route between Kishtwar/ Zanskar and onwards to the Indus valley
  • Autumn trade route The autumn trade route between Zanskar and Leh`Junglam` is the more adventurous Padum-Markha-Hemis trek route;
  • Kargil-Padum-Lamayuru trek over Singela
  • Kargil-Padum-Udhepur(Pange) over the POTLA (18000 ft)
  • Chaddar route The Chaddar route which is the frozen course of the Zanskar river now being used for highly organized Winter trek when all other access route get blocked with heavy snow.
  • Kargil-Panikhar-Anantnag This trekk connects Suru Valley of Kargil with Kashmir valley via the Botkol pass in upper Suru and traverse througha beatufully glaciated valley and lush Alpine forested lateral valleys. This entire route has been quite active with the traffic of the peasant traders of Suru and Warwan valley.Now it is a popular Trekk.
  • Kargil-Rangdum-Kanji-Hinaskot Other major foot journeys include the trek out of Suru to the Rangdum valley and then onward to Kanji over the Kanjila Pass of the Zanskar range to culminate at Henaskot on the NHW-1.
  • Kargil-Sapi-Bartu-Sanko A very popular short trek in Kargil it joins Shargole Valley with that of Kartsey valley crosses over a 1600 feet high Rusila.

Besides above there are scores of medium and short treks inter woven in the sub ranges of and sub valleys of Kargil.

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