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MAJOR PEAKS OF KARGIL ( For Mountaineering)

  • NUN     7135 Mtrs
  • KUN      7077 Mtrs
  • PINNACLE     6930 Mtrs
  • WHITE NEEDLE     6500 Mtrs

The best-known massif is of course Nun-Kun situated at the head of the Suru valley that is also the principal destination of the sate for mountaineers from allover the world. Apart from the two flag ship peaks of Nun (7135 M) and Kun (7077M),there are other well known peaks such as Pinnacle(6930M), White Needle(6500M) etc. Further eastward of this massif is the Zanskar group of peaks in the altitude range of 6050 M and 6182 M most of which are accessible from the Nun-Kun base camp, while some are approached via the Drang-Drung Glacier of the Penzila ridge. Some climbing routes of Mt.Nun can be approached from Tangol, 77 Km’s. South of Kargil while the main approach bases are located at km.110 a nd km. 170 of the Kargil-Zanskar road. Thus all the approach bases of the peaks are easily accessible by road from Kargil while the base camps are merely at a day’s walk from the road head.

Necessary permissions are required from Indian Mountaineering Foundation New Delhi Government Of India for climbing these peaks.

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