Animals & Birds

In 1991 the Wild Life Protection Division initiated a comprehensive protection measures and on their proposal the state where Government declared the following ten Protected Areas and Reserves in the District and designated them as Wild Life Sanctuaries vide G.O. No._128FST of 1991 Dated 13-05-1991.

1.      Nindum Wild Life Sanctuary                   Area 1580 Sqr Km

2.      Kangi Wild Life Sanctuary                       Area 1421 Sqr Km

3.      Shimsha Wild Life Sanctuary                  Area 1675 Sqr Km

4.      Brako Wild Life Sanctuary                      Area 1160 Sqr Km

5.      Umba Wild Life Sanctuary                      Area 1270 Sqr Km

6.      Tungri Wild Life Sanctuary                     Area 1125 Sqr Km

7.      Lungnak Wild Life Sanctuary                 Area   400 Sqr Km

8.      Rangdum Wild Life Sanctuary                Area 1200 Sqr Km

9.      Gurgardo Wild Life Reserve                   Area   325 Sqr Km

10.  Bodh Kharbo Wild Life Reserve             Area   450 Sqr Km


The protected areas are also a biological reserve for diverse critically endangered plants and provide vital natural genetic resources in the district.

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